Dead Cows Found With Tongues Missing

( — The dead bodies of six cows were found in Texas in a single week. They were discovered in the area of College Station that covers Madison, Brazos, and Robertson counties, and the cause of their deaths is unknown. The cows, whose bodies were mutilated, were found while law enforcement officers investigated the strange death of another cow with similar disfigurements. The animal was found with a “straight, clean cut, with apparent precision” on one side of its mouth, and the tongue had been removed. The animals subsequently discovered had suffered similar injuries.

A statement from the Madison County Sheriff’s Department said there was no sign of a struggle in the animals’ surroundings, there were no footprints or tire tracks, and the grass was untouched. Officers said similar incidents had occurred across the United States, but the cause remains unidentified.

This is not the first American mystery surrounding animal death and dismemberment. In the 1970s, Nebraska was plagued by a series of mysterious cattle mutilations that remain unsolved today. In that case, the cows also had cuts to their faces. Their eyes, ears, and jowls were removed. The local Sherrif told the press in 1974 that seven such incidents occurred in a month.

A similar series of mutilations occurred in New Mexico in 1978, prompting the federal government to launch an investigation. The FBI conducted an inquiry but could not solve the mystery. It did say, however, that the animals had been tranquilized in some cases prior to the mutilations.

A variety of theories were put forward to explain the phenomenon. Some believed it was the work of satanic or demonic cults, while others suggested alien visitors were responsible.

In Washington County, Arkansas in 1979, the Sheriff’s Department conducted an experiment and left the corpse of a dead cow in a field. When officers returned 48 hours later, they said the animal looked as though it had been mutilated, when in fact other animals had feasted on its soft tissues.

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