Dem Honolulu Mayor Orders Fresh Two-Week Stay-At-Home Order

( Honolulu is going back into lockdown, thanks to Democratic Mayor Kirk Caldwell. The Hawaii Democrat has ordered all residents on Oahu stay at home except for essential business, and that all non-essential businesses, which included retail stores and the service industry, should remain closed for two weeks.

And if the people of Honolulu want to exercise out in the open, where there is little risk of catching or spreading the virus, they won’t be able to. For some reason, Mayor Caldwell decided that beaches and parks should be closed.

The only stores that will remain open will be grocery stores, meaning people in the Hawaiian city will only be able to leave their home to buy groceries. It’s as if it’s April all over again. Thankfully, though, they’ve learned the lessons of recent months and allowed religious services to remain open with restrictions.

Violating the order won’t just result in a slap on the wrist, either. Fines of up to $5,000 are being handed out in Hawaii, and some people may even face up to a year in jail…or both. It comes as the number of cases of the Chinese coronavirus has increased in recent days.

According to Hawaii News Now, Mayor Caldwell and the local government have overseen some 60,000 tests conducted in 12 days with a view to reopening safely. Officials claim that authorities will use the two weeks of lockdown to “bolster contact tracing programs and improve quarantine and isolation measures.”

Speaking at a press conference, Mayor Caldwell said they will “see how it goes” and that “hopefully the number will decline.”

“Everybody has to do their part and for the most part people are,” he added. “We can do this, and when we reopen it will be different this time.”

“See how it goes” usually means “this lockdown might last longer than we thought.” And let’s face it, we’ll probably be dealing with measures like this until at least the end of the year.

Three weeks ago, Hawaii shut down all bars, but more must be done according to Honolulu’s mayor.

“Now we’ve taken this more drastic measure and it does have an impact on business,” he said. “I know it’s a struggle.”

Let’s hope those numbers go down so the people of Honolulu can go back to their lives!