Demand For Murder Pills Spike After Abortion Ban

( Following the implementation of the six-week abortion law in Texas, which stops abortion providers from performing abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, demand for abortion bills has spiked dramatically.

According to a study from the JAMA Network One, an average of 29.5 requests for abortion pills per month were made to the Aid Access nonprofit group. The number increased right after Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill into law, ensuring the abortion providers could not abort fetuses with a heartbeat.

According to the study, the new law resulted in a greater “need” for abortion pills – without expanding on why or how anybody “needs” to kill an unborn child.

“Although we cannot pinpoint the exact reason for this distinctive pattern, uncertainty about eligibility and clinic appointment cancelations may have been associated with the peak increase, whereas grassroots abortion funds and clinics connecting Texas with care out of state likely were associated with the subsequent decrease,” the report says.

The study doesn’t say that the new law directly resulted in the increase in requests, but they made a good job at implying it.

Professor Abigail Aiken of the University of Texas at Austin, who was the lead author of the study, said that restricting abortion doesn’t get rid of the “need” for abortion.

“We know abortions in clinics have dropped precipitously in Texas, but we wanted to look at whether people were looking for other ways to end their pregnancies,” she said.

What’s so astonishing about this situation, however, is that nobody seems to be recognizing the law as a fantastic compromise. Rather than banning abortion – which so many Republicans support – the bill actually allows it to happen but only before the fetus develops a heartbeat.

If people want an abortion in Texas, they can get one – they just have to make sure they do it before the fetus is six weeks old.