Democrat Headquarters Attacked With Molotov Cocktail

( Last Wednesday, someone attempted to firebomb the Travis County Democratic Party headquarters in Austin, Texas using a Molotov cocktail.

He failed.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Katie Naranjo, chair of the county’s Democratic Party told reporters that the man, who was seen in surveillance video wearing an American flag bandana, had attempted to attack the building around two in the morning Wednesday.

According to Brandon Jennings, the captain of the Austin Fire Department’s arson section, the man placed an “incendiary device” inside the building. A stack of papers appeared to have been lit on fire, but the actual Molotov cocktail failed to ignite.

Captain Jennings said that workers from a nearby business had extinguished the fire before authorities arrived at the scene. No staff had been inside the building at the time and the damage was minimal.

Apparently the suspect left a threatening note at the scene which Naranjo described as “political in nature.” However, she would provide no further details on what the note said.

Naranjo blasted the assailant for having the nerve to wear an American flag bandana while using a Molotov cocktail “with fireworks” in the building and leaving a “threatening note,” adding that this person is a coward. Naranjo said that “we will not tolerate that type of behavior.”

Is someone asking her to tolerate that type of behavior?

At Wednesday’s press conference, Captain Jennings said that from security footage, it appears the same suspect in the early morning attack had also vandalized another building a few hours earlier.

Two days later, police apprehended 30-year-old Ryan Faircloth for the attack. Faircloth faces federal charges of arson and attempted arson which Austin arson investigator Jeffrey Deane determined was a “politically motivated” attack – something Faircloth acknowledged during his interview.

According to an FBI criminal complaint, Faircloth made his Molotov cocktail using a wine bottle, gasoline, and a sock.

Authorities said in court documents that Faircloth’s note mentioned Democrat Party-led states and cities, writing “One thing you can’t have is Texas” and “Consider this a ‘light’ warning.”