Democrat Lawmaker Says It’s Racist Not To Use Taxes To Fund Abortions

( The loudmouth Squaddie Congresswoman Cori Bush (BLM-MO) last Thursday claimed not to use taxpayer funding for abortion is … wait for it … racist.

Of course she did.

Everything is racist to Cori Bush.

During a press conference, Bush proudly declared that the House would be voting on legislation to repeal the Hyde Amendment that bars the use of federal funding for abortion when it returns from summer recess. She demanded that the US Senate “step up” and get rid of “this racist, draconian, discriminatory policy.”

How is it racist or discriminatory to not use taxpayer money to fund abortion? The Hyde Amendment doesn’t ban the use of taxpayer money only for abortions of black babies. It bans taxpayer funding of all abortions. It’s an equal opportunity ban.

Bush also said Congress “must” discuss using federal lands to provide abortions in states where abortions are restricted.

Cori Bush is in the “bargaining” stage of grief.

But she isn’t alone.

Most of the far-left wing of the Democrat Party are also demanding the federal government find ways to violate the sovereignty of states all to ensure babies keep getting murdered.

They’ve lost their minds.