Democrat Lawmaker Warns Democrats May Lose Latino Vote

( Democratic Rep. Raul Ruiz, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chairman, said on Thursday that the Democratic Party is at major risk of losing the Hispanic vote – despite their endless pandering.

The California Democratic legislators said that the GOP has managed to win districts with big Hispanic populations in recent years, but that his party has so far managed to maintain support – for the most part – among Latino voters. He told his colleagues not to get complacent, however, warning that Latinos and Hispanics could start voting GOP in greater numbers.

“There were some gains, percentage-wise and absolute wise, in different areas throughout the country with Hispanics voting along GOP lines,” he said, referencing the Republicans’ successful flipping of two seats in the Miami area in 2020.

Republicans are also looking to potentially flip districts in South Texas, where Hispanic voters understand the threat of large-scale illegal immigration over the border just as much as anybody else does.

Speaking at a Democratic retreat in Pennsylvania, Ruiz said that it’s not “conclusive” whether the republicans’ gains indicate a switch in party allegiances for Hispanic voters, but said that Democrats should stave off the threat from the GOP by listening to Latino voters.

He realizes that means they’ll have to do something about illegal immigration, right? If Democrats keep ignoring that issue, they’ll lose White voters and Hispanic voters, too.

“First thing, the biggest lesson that we’ve been trying to shout from the rooftops is not to take the Hispanic community for granted, that we need to make sure that we’re on the ground, that we listen,” he said.

Well, he’s absolutely right that the Democrats take Hispanic voters for granted.

Are the Democrats finally waking up to their own racism?