Democrat Leader Passes Out Drunk In Public

( Michigan’s Democrat attorney general, Dana Nessel, was recently spotted out in public and making a fool of herself – and her apology statement just tried to make light of it.

It wasn’t even really an apology.

On Wednesday, Nessel responded to footage shared online showing her behaving like a drunken teenage college student at the Michigan-Michigan State football game in East Lansing last month.

During the event, Nessel was seen drinking heavily with far-left Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Ron Weiser, the chairman of the Board of Regents at the University of Michigan. When Nessel entered the stadium, she claimed in a statement that she “started to feel ill” and tried to sleep it off. However, she was soon seen being escorted out of the venue by her friends to prevent her from vomiting on any of her constituents.

“Polling consistently shows ‘Roman showers’ to be unpopular among most demographics,” she tried to joke in her Facebook apology.

Not only was Nessel escorted out by her friends, but they even used a wheelchair to get her out into the parking lot. A driver then swiftly picked her up and took her home.


In the statement she claims to have been drinking on an empty stomach, and thought it was a “good idea to eat 2 Bloody Mary’s, since as long as you put enough vegetables in them, it’s practically a salad.”

Clearly, this public official doesn’t think it’s sensible to be professional in public – not during a football game, and not in an official statement responding to her drunken public behavior.

You can read the full statement here: