Democrat Leader Says It’s Time To Look Into Illegitimate Elections

( The Democrats appear to have moved on from their claims that America’s voting system and election apparatus are up to scratch, with many high-profile Democrats – including President Joe Biden – now claiming that the 2022 midterm elections are at risk of being illegitimate.

James Clyburn, the House Majority Whip and a representative for South Carolina, seemed to echo President Joe Biden’s false claims that the 2022 midterm elections might not be “legit” if the Democrats lose, claiming during a CNN interview that he is “absolutely concerned” about what could happen.

Speaking on Thursday, Clyburn laid out the framework for Democratic opposition to the results of the 2022 midterms if the Republicans sweep up as they are expected to do. Should the GOP take back the House and the Senate, Democrats appear to be ready to declare the elections illegitimate based on their failure to pass so-called “voting rights” legislation earlier this month.

“Let me remind the audience that in 1965, at the time of the advent of the Voting Rights Act, only 3% of African Americans in Alabama were registered to vote,” he told CNN.

He added that nine years ago, the Supreme Court took aim at Shelby v. Holder and “got rid of preclearance.” He claimed that certain parts of the country that are more likely to see racial discrimination were given a formula that needed precelearance from the government to change election laws.

He argued that this, combined with the fact that Republicans are strengthening elections on a state-by-state basis by requiring ID to vote and ensuring that chain-of-command issues are solved, means that future elections will be biased against non-white voters.

He did not, however, explain why he believes that non-white voters are incapable of doing basic things like presenting ID when voting, or simply leaving their homes to vote as every single other voter in the United States does.

Doesn’t this represent deep-seated racism of the Democrats to suggest that elections are illegitimate if Black and other non-white voters are unable to just…turn out and vote?

Perhaps if they actually inspired voters to turn out and support them, they wouldn’t need to make these complicated excuses.