Democrat Led “Panel” Wants More Federal Authority

( A Democrat-led panel of so-called experts are recommending to the White House a plan for more federal control of health care as a response to the 2020 pandemic. Ironic, coming from a left-wing federal government that recently just touted “bodily autonomy” after the Supreme Court’s overruling of Roe v. Wade.

In a report, the Commonwealth Fund Commission on a National Public Health System reportedly said that the federal government should create a patchwork of 3,000 state, local and tribal agencies that will give the federal government more exercisable control over health standards, adding that it aims to correct the failures of health agencies to protect Americans from crises such as drug overdoses.

Some speculate that this is a means for the government to create a streamlined way to dictate public health policy without individual states defying mandates. Powerline blogger Steven Hayward, said that he predicted this response from the government, whose intention to create a “Department of Pandemic Planning” or other equivalent is similar to the creation of the Department of Homeland Security after 9/11.

He mentioned the “pretensions of centralized expertise” where there is a belief in the “magical powers of Washington to coordinate” crises, not just on the pandemic level, but every other health crisis that might afflict the country. Then, taking an aim at Mr. “I am Science” himself, Hayward said that what such a centralization of our health system would mean is “no more Floridas or any other state or local government bucking the demands of Saint Anthony Fauci.”

This is the typical government model of creating crises to justify its ever increasing expansion into the lives of everyday people as a viable solution to it; however, the power assumed by the federal government is never relinquished.

“For more than a century now, government has grown bigger in the urgency of a ‘temporary’ crisis of some kind, but somehow never recedes back to where it was before the crisis,” Hayward wrote.

The government, for all of its restrictive measures during the pandemic, studies have shown that the long-lasting effects of these measures were more harmful than beneficial, as incidents like suicides, mental illness, learning disabilities, and domestic violence increased over the last two years.

Last week, the president talked about needing more money to get children vaccinated, adding that “We need more money to plan for the second pandemic… there’s going to be another pandemic.”