Democrat Mayor Tells Children To “Slide Into” Her DMs

( Democrats really don’t want you to know that the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill is actually an anti-grooming bill…

They want you to think that Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants to ban you from saying gay- but last week, a relatively high-profile Democratic figure proved the urgent need for this new anti-grooming bill, which bans the teaching of sex and inappropriate adult themes to children between the ages of four and eight.

Stacey Phillips, currently the Mayor Pro Tem of Huntersville, North Carolina, recently posted a request on Twitter for young children to “slide into” her DMs. The term “slide into DMs” means to send somebody a private message on Twitter, and it is often used to describe sexual messages or flirting.

“If you’re a kid living in a Don’tSayGay state & feel like you don’t have an adult to talk to, I got you,” she wrote.

“You’re welcome to slide into my DMs to talk, to share, to express yourself confidentially. It’d be an honor to be your Auntie by blessing. You’re perfect just the way you are,” she added.

It’s a curious tweet because, first of all, it suggests that DeSantis and Florida Republicans don’t believe that children are perfect the way they are. That’s obviously not the case.

But it’s also curious because Philips seemed completely oblivious to the fact that “sliding into someone’s DMs” is a sexual term. Either she doesn’t know it, or she does know it and she realizes that she can basically get away with anything as a Democrat.

Take a look at the tweet:

What do you think – is this an honest mistake, or is she purposely trying to provoke?

As of March 14, however, Phillips’ Twitter account is no longer active.