Democrat Official Says Parents Will Kill Children Under Insane Condition

While Republicans throughout the country have been promoting parents’ rights in education, their Democrat opponents are doubling down on keeping parents out of public schools.

Recently, the chairman of the New Hampshire Democrat Party went so far as to claim schools have to hide a child’s “transgender” identity from parents because some parents would beat their children if they found out.

Yeah, really.

In a tweet linking to a recent article, the New Hampshire Journal asked if parents have the right to know if schools are giving their children “gender identity counseling” or if the Manchester school district has the right to keep such counseling a secret from parents.

In response, conservative Michael Graham noted that New Hampshire Democrat Congressman Chris Pappas is quoted in the article defending the school’s right to hide the practice from parents.

New Hampshire Democrat Party Chair Raymond Buckley responded to Graham’s tweet, accusing Graham of advocating for endangering the lives of children. He argued that some transgender children will get kicked out of the house or “beaten or commit suicide.”

Graham hit back, saying Buckley was saying the Democrat Party’s position “is that teachers should decide what parents are allowed to know about their own children.”

Chris Pappas’ challenger, Republican Karoline Leavitt, responded to Buckley’s tweet as well, noting that the Biden administration had already labeled parents “domestic terrorists” and now the state’s Democrat Party chairman “is claiming Granite State parents beat their kids to death.”

Leavitt blasted the Democrats for their hatred of parents for simply wanting to be “involved in their children’s education,” calling it “disgusting.”

Leavitt said while Democrats stand with teachers’ unions, she “will stand with Granite State mothers and fathers.”

The chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, Stephen Stepanek, responded in a statement saying the New Hampshire Democrat Party has made it clear where it stands on “parental involvement in their child’s education.”