Democrat Operative Blows Lid Off Election Fraud

( A short Tik Tok video shows a man named Gerry Monroe testifying about voter fraud in Harris County, Texas.

It is unclear from the tweet when this testimony took place. However, in an April 21, 2021 memo to the Republican Texas delegation, Texas Republican Congressman Chip Roy made mention of Gerry Monroe testifying before the Committee on Elections about voter fraud in Houston.

Roy includes a LINK to the Rumble video of Monroe’s testimony.

This doesn’t appear to be the same committee meeting as the Tik Tok video, however, it is far more detailed and extensive than the brief Tik Tok clip.

In this April testimony, Monroe testifies that he witnessed ballot harvesters take $22,000 in pay. The ballot harvesters, according to Monroe, were soliciting for ballots in nursing homes. He also testified that a polling place had spare IDs available for voters who did not provide valid ID.

Monroe told the Committee on Elections that his community of Houston is suffering because the “kingmakers” cheated in the last election.

This Rumble video also includes testimony from Aubrey Smith who also alleged a massive ballot harvesting operation – with some ballot harvesters collecting up to 400 ballots in a day. Like Monroe, Smith testified that there were “dream team” harvesters that went into nursing homes with blank ballots that later got filled out by the harvesters.

This certainly would explain why the Texas state Democrats fled to Washington DC to stop the voter integrity law from passing in the Assembly. Democrats have a good scam going and the last thing they want is for the gravy train to dry up.

Last week, twenty-two of the flee-bagging Texas Democrats filed an absolutely laughable lawsuit against Governor Greg Abbott and two of their Republican colleagues. The lawsuit is absurd on its face – filled with bizarre and specious arguments that don’t pass muster.

It accuses the defendants of racial discrimination because some of the fleeing Democrats “are either black or white.”

Yeah, really.

And the lead Plaintiff in this crazy-flakes lawsuit is none other than Senfronia Thomas, who represents . . . wait for it . . . Houston in Harris County.

Law professor Margot Cleveland dismantles the clown-car lawsuit at the Federalist.

And, in case you missed it, here is Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC) taking Senfronia Thomas apart brick-by-brick during Thomas’ appearance before the House Oversight Committee in late July.