Democrat Party Deletes Post Attacking Parents For Helping Children In School

( You would think the Republican sweep in Virginia last November would have been a wake-up call for the Democrat Party when it comes to education. But the out-of-touch Democrats decided to double down on the very thing that lost them suburban voters in Virginia.

Over the weekend, the Michigan Democrat Party posted a meme to Facebook that, in a nutshell, echoed the sentiments expressed by Virginia’s losing candidate Terry McAuliffe when he scoffed at the notion that parents should have a say in their children’s education.

The Facebook post made it clear that Michigan Democrats agree with Terry McAuliffe. “Public education,” the post explained, is to teach children “what society needs them to know” rather than what parents might want.

Unsurprisingly, the Facebook post set off a massive backlash on social media, forcing the Michigan Democrat Party to quietly delete it from its Facebook page. But not before it was screen-captured for posterity.

On Monday, the Michigan Democrats posted a “clarification,” explaining that they deleted the post because it “ignored the important role parents play” in public schools. They “clarified” by saying the opposite: “Parents need to have a say in their children’s education, end of story.”

Sure, now that they were swarmed by angry parents, they’re going to pretend that’s what they’ve believed all along.

But the funniest part of their “clarification” was claiming the deleted statement, posted to the official Facebook page of the Michigan Democrat Party, did not reflect the view of the Michigan Democrat Party. The statement closed with a mewling plea for voters not to “misinterpret” the deleted post as reflecting the views of elected Democrats in Michigan.

Democrats throughout the country are caught between a rock and hard place when it comes to school choice and parents’ rights. On the one hand, they are completely beholden to Teachers Unions. On the other hand, the demographic that secured them the House in 2018 and the White House in 2020 were suburban voters. That leaves them with one of two choices. Either they piss off the Teachers Unions to pander for the suburban vote or they piss off suburban voters to keep the Teachers Unions happy.

They chose poorly.