Democrat-Run California CAN’T AFFORD New Unemployment Benefits

( Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom announced on Monday that is state didn’t have the funds required to pay its share of the recent expansion of employment benefits. It comes after President Donald Trump signed an executive order requiring states to pay an additional $400 per week in unemployment benefits to help out Americans who are still looking for jobs.

The executive order was signed over the weekend and requires states to pay $100 of the $400 in additional support. Much of the cash, therefore, comes from the federal government, but Democrat-run California can’t afford to pay even a quarter of the additional support.

Governor Newsom said that an additional $100 per week for all out of work residents would cost the state $700 million every week. He explained that his state had already handed out coronavirus aid to residents and remaining cash was already allocated to be spent elsewhere. California, he said, simply doesn’t have the money to cover it.

Newsom also said that paying an additional $100 per week to California residents would cause “time delays” for people applying for benefits. That would pose a significant problem to people who are already struggling to successfully apply for unemployment benefits when the system is so backed up.

California “cannot shoulder his burden without cutting important services,” Newsom added.

Now the question is whether California will have to go ahead and defund important services, or whether the federal government will shoulder the full burden. President Donald Trump suggested on Sunday that it may be possible for the federal government to step in and pay for the entire thing.

Don’t forget, by the way, that the reason President Trump implemented this program is that the Democrats stood in the way of giving people additional relief. Democrats refused to negotiate in good faith with the Republicans and demanded that the $600-per-week policy be extended to January – a move that would have given millions of people no incentive to get back to work any time soon.

President Trump stepped in and took executive action to remedy the situation and ensure that American workers are given the financial support they need to navigate through this turbulent economy.