Democrat Says Post Was DOCTORED – Was This Sabotage?

Democrat Claims Post Slamming Hillary Clinton Was Doctored

( – A Kentucky Democrat running for state representative got into hot water after a 12-year-old Facebook post of his using vulgar language to describe Hillary Clinton returned to bite him in the behind. But he claims the post was “edited” by bad actors to sabotage his campaign.

In 2008, Democrat Grayson Vandegrift posted a vicious attack on Hillary Clinton in which he described her as a “quazi-Nazi” and a “dried-up snatch.” Vandegrift, who supported Barack Obama over Clinton in 2008, followed up in a comment that he’d “get more than just” a blowjob “from those interns.”

When the 12-year-post came to light, Vandegrift apologized, saying if he wrote those words, they do “not represent who I am and what I believe in.”

See, Vandegrift suggested that the post in question might have been altered by bad actors, arguing that the post had been edited before it was deleted. This much is true. The markings on the post reveal that it had been edited on May 5, 2021. But whether the edit added the offending comments can’t be determined.

That isn’t stopping Vandegrift from claiming that the naughty bits were added by the supposed bad actors.

Vandegrift claims that the post was edited a month after he announced that he was running for the Kentucky state House against Republican incumbent Dan Fister. He said in a statement that he has “no recollection whatsoever” of writing the post when he was 25 years old. But if he had written it, “I would regret it terribly.”

Vandegrift said in a recent interview that he believes the offensive post could be “sabotage” since the tone of the writing doesn’t match his own and included things he knew were untrue at the time.

There were other posts on Vandegrift’s Facebook page in 2008 expressing his support for Obama over Clinton during the primary that showed disdain for Hillary.

In his statement, Vandegrift said the real issue is that Rep. Fister “and his cronies” are trying to distract from his vote to “make a 9 year old rape victim be forced to give birth.”

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