Democrat Star Forcibly Removed From Event

( A Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles leader had to be taken out of a mayoral debate forcibly on Sunday night by the law enforcement agency at the campus of Cal State Los Angeles.
Melina Abdullah, who is also a professor at the college, reportedly was removed from the event by police officers. She told The Los Angeles Times recently that she was removed because she didn’t have a ticket to the event.
Despite this, she feels that she was treated unfairly by being prohibited to attend the debate. In a text, she told the Times:
“Debates should be public … especially at a public university.”
She added that the public as well as teachers and students weren’t able to attend the indoors event even though it was being held in “a near-empty theater.”
What Abdullah fails to mention, of course, is that if it were a ticketed event and she didn’t have a ticket, then she had no right to enter the event.
After the incident, the university released their own statement that said someone was removed from the event and then arrested but released right at the scene. The Department of Public Safety for the college didn’t have a comment, and the university as a whole said it would give a more detailed statement after they reviewed the incident in full.
Abdullah said the incident didn’t go down as the university explained, though. She said police “were attempting to arrest” her but never did so. Instead, she said police notified her that they’d contact her at a later date.
At least one more person was removed from the audience before the mayoral debate began over the weekend, but officials say the event went on without further incident after that.
In a written statement after the fact, Abdullah wrote to The Times:
“I should have been able to watch the mayoral debate that was happening on my own campus. I’m still processing the fact that Raphe Sonenshein, someone who called himself a friend, who I’ve known well since I was in graduate school, called the police and had me forcibly and brutally removed.”
Sonenshein serves as the Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs’ executive director at the school. The school was one of the sponsors of the mayoral debate.
According to reports, he was walking near the debate stage when he was told that people were near the event who didn’t possess the credentials to enter. As The Times published:
“A Times reporter saw Sonenshein ask campus officers what options they would have in removing protesters.”
That led Abdullah to add:
“I’m processing that as I was yelling for help, that I was being hurt and called for Karen Bass and Kevin De Leon … two people who have been very close for more than 20 years, they said nothing, not even a simple ‘Please put her down,’ nor did any other candidate. It’s both hurtful and outrageous.”