Democrats Are FUNNELING Money To This Election

Democrats Are Funneling Money To A Key Election

( – In the final weeks before the midterms, Senate Democrats are pouring money into North Carolina hoping to drag Democrat Senate candidate Cheri Beasley over the finish line.

With Republican Senator Richard Burr retiring, Democrats believe the North Carolina race is their best chance to flip a seat and retain control of the Senate.

Real Clear Politics average has Republican candidate Ted Budd ahead of Beasley by 3.7 points. Not once since the primary has Beasley been ahead in the polls. And in the past week, Budd has begun to break away.

But Democrats are desperate. With Republicans poised to flip Nevada and possibly Georgia and Dr. Oz closing the gap on Democrat John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, North Carolina might be their only hope for retaining their slim majority in the Senate.

Chuck Schumer’s Senate Majority PAC announced two weeks ago that it would pour $4 million into the North Carolina Senate race.

The PAC will launch an ad campaign featuring a 30-second ad attacking Ted Budd on abortion. This, despite the fact that abortion isn’t the most important issue among voters.

A recent New York Times/Siena College poll found that a combined 44 percent of likely voters said the most important issues are the economy and inflation. Meanwhile, only 5 percent of likely voters said abortion was the top issue. Even among Democrat respondents, abortion was only selected as a top issue by 8 percent.

Among voters most concerned about the economy, Republican candidates are favored over Democrats by 34 points, 64 percent to 30 percent.

You’d think if Senate Majority PAC wanted to spend $4 million in advertising to flip North Carolina blue, the least it would do is run ads that address the voters’ top concerns like inflation, skyrocketing consumer prices, immigration, and crime.

It would be just as effective to flush that $4 million down the toilet and call it a day.

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