Democrats Are Losing Their Edge With Hispanics, Research Reveals

( Dems are rightly anxious. After decades of being taken for granted by the Democratic Party, Hispanic voters are flocking to the America First movement, pledging to rebalance American politics.

A recent New York Times-Siena College poll indicated that Democrats and Republicans are statistically tied among Hispanic voters. In 2018, Democrats maintained a 47-point advantage among Hispanic voters, according to Axios.

Democrats are to blame. They insult, humiliate, and ridicule Hispanic voters through their policies and rhetoric, so they shouldn’t be shocked that Hispanic voters are leery of voting for those who disdain and disparage Hispanic values. Hispanics have never been more to Democrats than a source of votes in Republican areas.

Democrats have treated Hispanics as an afterthought for so long that they can’t appeal to them without alienating their votes.

Everyone knows “Latinx.” Democrats devised it because they’re uncomfortable with gender descriptors in Spanish – not unexpected for a party so committed to identity politics that they don’t know what a “woman” is.

So, according to their twisted logic, they’ve created a new gender-neutral term and believed Hispanics wouldn’t mind.

They care.

According to polls, only 3% to 4% of Hispanics use “Latinx,” and most of them teach Chicano Studies or work for the DNC, presumably. Many Hispanics (40%) find the word “Latinx” insulting.
Democrats have tried damage control in previous years. Joe Biden wanted to show in 2020 that he knows the diversity of the Hispanic community, which Democrats have treated as a homogenous mass.
He did that without using “Latinx.” He insulted another significant Democratic population and showed he doesn’t understand Hispanics.

“Unlike the African-American community, the Latino population is tremendously diverse,” Biden added. Joe decided to play “Despacito” on his phone into a microphone for Hispanic outreach.

Those shenanigans were nothing compared to what Jill Biden said about us in San Antonio, Texas. Mrs. Biden compared Latinos to “breakfast tacos” to connect with them. Jill Biden compared Hispanics to morning tacos to bring us back to the Dems.

Should Hispanic voters be surprised? Once, Democrats seemed to comprehend and answer Hispanic issues. “Latinxs” and “breakfast tacos” are new nicknames.

Democrats will be lucky to divide Hispanic votes with Republicans. If Democrats don’t stop insulting and taking them for granted, millions more Latinos will join the GOP.