Democrats Danced Over Santuary City Funding Days Before Train Rape By Illegal

( Christine Favocci, writing for The Western Journal and The Federalist Papers, wrote that Democrats “danced” in Philadelphia to celebrate Sanctuary City funding right before an illegal alien was accused of raping a woman on a train carriage while people sat and watched.

Favocci started the piece by explaining that Democrats have a bizarre and pathological need to “let every lawbreaker off the hook,” routinely advocating extremist ideas like abolishing the police, clearing out the prisons, and opening the border.

And while they claim to be the party of compassion, they danced in the streets of Philadelphia to celebrate Sanctuary City funding before a woman on a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority commuter train was raped by 35-year-old Fiston Ngoy, an illegal immigrant. The man reportedly pulled off her clothes as she was on the train, and forced himself on her in front of people on the train car on October 13 at roughly 10pm.

And if the Democrats refusing to talk about horrible cases like this wasn’t bad enough, the most shocking part of this story is that the bystanders on the train reportedly doing even do anything about it. Nobody called the police or intervened to try and protect the woman. They just watched in shock.

What is happening to America?

Ngoy originally entered the United States on a student visa in 2015, but that visa has since expired and he remained in the country illegally. It’s also not the first time that he has ever committed a crime in the United States. Back in 2017, Ngoy pleaded guilty to sexual assault in Washington, D.C., and was facing deportation. The only thing that stopped him, however, was a claim by the Board of Immigration Appeals that said in 2019 that Ngoy had not committed a “serious crime.”

But even if he had been told to leave the country, it wouldn’t have mattered. I n2018, a federal judge confirmed that Philadelphia was a “sanctuary city” – and the Democrats celebrated it.

When will the Democrats admit that they are putting American people – particularly American women – in danger?