Democrats May Soon Storm The Capitol Themselves, Report Suggests

( According to Washington Free Beacon writer Andrew Stiles, if Democrat lawmakers don’t tone down their rhetoric over Climate Change, they might spur yet another storming of the Capitol, this time by a mob of outraged liberals.

In his column “How Long Until Democrats Storm the Capitol?” Stiles cites some of the recent inflammatory comments coming from Democrat lawmakers in which they warn of the catastrophes awaiting the planet if Congress doesn’t pass a multi-billion-dollar “Climate Change” package that would do nothing to “stop” Climate Change.

As they did when Republicans decided to end “Net Neutrality,” Democrats are framing the lack of “Climate Change” legislation in apocalyptic ways.

People will die!

Our grandchildren will be condemned!

Congressman Adam Schiff warned that if Congress failed to act in the “narrow window” remaining, “history will not be kind to those who stand in the way of action. If there is anyone left to write it.”

Yes, yes. Tax the daylights out of Americans and spend hundreds of billions on “green energy” subsidies or else we’ll all be rotting corpses lying on the burned-out husk we once called Earth.

Compared to these histrionics, Trump’s over-the-top rhetoric about the 2020 election is decidedly mild.

But as Stiles writes, the Democrats always use incendiary rhetoric. Every Leftwing agenda requires immediate action or else people will die.

Democrats have been doing this for years. It’s why it has become nearly impossible to engage in thoughtful, reasonable debate with these people.

There’s nothing reasonable about them.

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is predicting an apocalyptic catastrophe in which the planet will cease to exist in ten years (now eight years), any thoughtful or reasonable debate becomes the first casualty.

And they won’t tone it down.

Even after a kook flies across the country with the plan of assassinating a Supreme Court Justice, the Democrats cannot pull back the throttle on their incendiary rhetoric about abortion and the Supreme Court.

Democrats know they will lose the House and possibly the Senate in November. Time is running out, not on the planet, but on them.