Democrats Mostly Ignore Biden’s Attempt To Go After Gun Owners

( On Monday, President Joe Biden again called for increased gun control measures to be passed, but it seems like many members of his own party are reluctant to take up the controversial issue.

In marking the fourth anniversary of a mass shooting that took place in Florida at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Biden called on Congress to pass through more legislation on gun control.

While many Democrats would have supported this notion in the past, it seems like they just don’t want to add this to a growing list of controversial policies before the midterm elections later this year.

This may make sense to those Democrats who are up for re-election, but it’s also apparently frustrating leadership within the party who see now as a great opportunity to push forward with the legislation. Democrats have control of both chambers of Congress, but it’s very possible — and maybe even likely — that they’ll lose that control following the midterms.

The House passed two separate gun-control bills last March, but even Senate Democrats don’t seem like they want to take up the issue at all. There were negotiations that took place between Senators John Cornyn, a Republican from Texas, and Chris Murphy, a Democratic from Connecticut, last summer, but they didn’t materialize into anything.

Now, this lack of action on the part of Democrats is angering gun-control activists.

One of those people is Igor Volsky, who is the co-founder of the group Guns Down America. He said that Chuck Schumer, the majority leader in the Senate, promised groups that the upper chamber would take up legislation on background checks last summer, both those bills never even made it to the Senate floor.

As Volsky said:

“We’ve been promised by Senate Majority Leader Schumer as far back as March, April that there would be a vote during the summer, then it got pushed back even further. They’re using this familiar playbook of making all kinds of promises during the campaign and then fail to deliver anything when they’re in power.”

One piece of news that isn’t going to please Volsky and other gun-control advocates is that, apparently, Democrats in the Senate aren’t even discussing the issue at all.

Montana Democratic Senator Jon Tester, for example, said gun control legislation has barely even been a topic of discussion over the last year within the Democratic Caucus. Tester represents a state that is big on hunting and in which two-thirds of all adults have a firearm in their homes.

As Tester explained:

“It hasn’t come up in conversation in the last year.”

West Virginia moderate Senator Joe Manchin agreed, saying there’s been no real discussions regarding gun control or background checks recently. While Manchin was the leader of 2013 negotiations to expand gun background checks, he said Republicans in the Senate do not currently support it, which “makes it very difficult” for anything to pass through the upper chamber.

For now, despite activists — and Biden — wanting something to happen, it doesn’t appear as if anything actually will.