Democrats Panic As Party Goes Hard Left

( For decades, the Democrat Party has positioned itself as the Party of the Working Class. And once upon a time, it was. But it isn’t anymore.

Over the last twenty years, the Democrat Party has become the Party of Affluent, Socialist-curious Whites. And the working class voters who once had a home in the Democrat Party have found themselves homeless.

A report created by three Democrat groups – Third Way, Collective PAC, and Latino Victory Fund – reveals that among its once reliable base, the Democrat Party’s abrupt far-left turn isn’t at all popular. And the Democrats are starting to panic.

According the report, Republicans have been very successful at shining a light on the Democrat Party’s far-left agenda and as a result have made significant inroads among “moderate Democrats.”

In other words, the “Democrats as socialists” messaging is working.

According to the report, this messaging has hurt campaigns in areas whose populations include immigrants from socialist countries like Venezuela, Cuba, or Vietnam.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is specifically cited in the report as a net negative within moderate, swing districts. The authors of the report again blame this on “Republican messaging” which has successfully hung AOC around the neck of every single Democrat in Congress.

But it isn’t “Republican messaging” so much as it is “reality.”

The Democrat Party is the party pushing Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, Defund the Police, Open Borders, and Critical Race Theory. To blame the Republicans for pointing out this reality is counterproductive.

The report concludes that there is no “one best way” to “counter Republican attacks.” Most likely because the “Republican attacks” are actually “telling the truth about how radical the Democrat Party has become.”

The solution the report comes up with is buy more ad time.

No wonder the majority of staffers on the Hill think Republicans will flip the House in 2022.

To conclude that the Democrats are losing moderate working class and Latino voters solely due to Republican messaging is a glaring red flag that the Democrats are incapable of self-reflection.

Rather than honestly review the risks of advancing a far-left agenda, Democrats would rather point fingers at Republican messaging.

The report, in short, is nothing more than “Republicans pounce.”

There’s a reason that McAllen Texas — a deep blue city with a large Hispanic population — just elected a Republican mayor.

It isn’t because of “Republican messaging.”

It’s because the Democrat Party’s message doesn’t appeal to anyone except radical race obsessed college graduates and affluent suburban women who match their COVID masks to their outfits.