Democrats Rush To Endorse Bank Account Freezes Of Citizens

( Canadian Prime Minister may have finally revoked the Emergencies Act, a piece of legislation implemented this month that gave him sweeping powers to stop the Freedom Convoy protests in his country…but not before his government used it to seize private assets, freeze bank accounts, and arrest peaceful protesters across Ottawa.

The decision was condemned by pro-freedom activists all over the world, and a new poll from the Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action just revealed how some 55% of likely general election voters in the United States disapprove of the way the prime minister handled the crisis.

The survey found that 35% of likely voters approve of Trudeau’s authoritarianism. Only 10% said that they were unaware of the protests taking place in Canada.

The poll was performed between February 18 and 20, after Trudeau used law enforcement officers to forcibly clear hundreds of protesters from the streets of Ottawa.

When broken down by party, however, the data gets really interesting. The poll showed how 65% of likely Democrat voters approve of Justin Trudeau’s authoritarian clamp down on protests, with just 17% of Democrats suggesting that he went too far.

Meanwhile, some 87% of likely Republican voters disapproved of what Trudeau did. Just 8% approved of it.

Respondents who consider themselves independent overwhelmingly disapproved of Trudeau’s behavior, too, with 74% saying that he shouldn’t have exercised that power.

What does this mean? Well, it shows that a majority of Republicans and Independents support freedom, and a majority of Democrats would rather side with government overreach if it means defending their left-wing established order.

Another interesting statistic that came from the study was that 100% of likely voters aged between 25 and 34 disapproved of Trudeau’s behavior. It means that younger voters – even younger Democrats – are concerned about the government’s ability to simply suspend civil liberties to end a protest they don’t like.

But if the Democrats here in the United States are endorsing Trudeau’s behavior now, what might happen if protests break out here?