Democrats Want Joe Biden to Debate

( — Democrats are demanding President Biden participate in debates in the run-up to the Presidential election of 2024. The party has decided it will not host primary debate events, and candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Marianne Williamson have raised their voices in objection. According to polls, the party’s rank-and-file agree.

A Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll found that 68% believe the party should host debates, with only 15% disagreeing with the prospect. Rep. Lisa Blunt-Rochester, Biden’s campaign chairwoman, denied that the President is afraid of taking on his opponents and said, “I know that the president does not have the concern or fear of debating anyone.” She added that Biden had engaged in debate for the 2020 election without any concerns.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr, the controversial Democrat who has broken ranks with the party on several issues, said Biden was morally obligated to take part in primary debates and prove to American voters that their democracy is not a sham. “There are so many Americans who are worried about election integrity, who have lost faith in election integrity,” he said.

Marianne Williamson accused the Democrats of rigging the primary elections to ensure Biden is the candidate. She added that the party machine does not even pretend it is democratic, and is transparent about its desire to see Biden take the nomination.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump is also avoiding debate. The former President said he has no interest in participating in events hosted or chaired by anti-MAGA institutions. Fellow Republicans roundly condemned him as a result.

Contender Vivek Ramaswamy said he doubts President Trump will genuinely avoid the chance to speak to voters, but if he does, “he’s not the man he was.” Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who may also run, implied that Trump was afraid to lose his commanding lead in the polls if he took to the stage.

Trump’s lead has continued to grow in the primaries, and the latest Presidential poll puts him 7% ahead of Joe Biden.

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