Dems Blame Trump for Arizona Democrat HQ Arson…Police Say A Democrat Protester Did It

( No matter what, President Donald Trump will be blamed by the Democrats for any negative thing that ever happens. This week, Democrats blamed the president after a Democrat HQ building in Arizona was burned down. The local police, however, said that the arsonist was actually a left-wing Democrat activist.

You can’t make this stuff up!

The Maricopa County Democrat Party HQ building was burned down last week. It was the headquarters of the state party and is now completely destroyed. A 29-year-old male was arrested and is suspected of having started the fire. The Phoenix Police Department said that “Matthew Egler was arrested Wednesday morning on arson charges,” after starting the fire in the early hours of the morning last Friday.

“The 29-year-old was a former volunteer at the office but had recently been banned from continued volunteer service,” the department explained in a social media statement.

“The fire happened after midnight on Friday, July 24 at the offices near Central and Thomas in Downtown Phoenix. The fire was extinguished but not before causing substantial damage to the building.”

The police department also released surveillance footage that shows the man arriving at the building in a car by himself, before breaking glass to access the building and then lighting an incendiary fire. Egler can then be seen driving off.

“Task Force Investigators were able to link the vehicle from the surveillance video to a family member of Egler,” the statement continued. “Further investigation revealed Egler had posted information on social media linking him to the crime and threatening additional violence.

Left-wing commentators, however, Blamed Trump. Willie Garson tweeted, “They burnt down the Democratic Headquarters in Maricopa County. Because, Trump, and because Arizona.”

Left-wing voice actor Phil Hendrie also commentated that “Trump is so desperate to get re-elected, so pathetically desperate even if voters don’t want him, he’s doing everything and anything…provoking riots, reopening an economy during a plague, setting fires..”

At this point, isn’t this the literal definition of delusion?