DeSantis Starts Shaking Over 2024 Question

( — A video showing Ron DeSantis’s bizarre response to a question on his possible presidential run has gone viral. The Florida Governor reacted with strange facial expressions and turned away from the reporter who pointed out his falling polling figures. “I’m not a candidate, so we’ll see if and when that changes,” he said.

Social media users mercilessly mocked the clip, with some comparing his bizarre head movements with similar expressions by Hillary Clinton. One user on Twitter prepared a clip comparing DeSantis to Clinton and titled it “The Globalist Shake.” The comment mirrors a prior attack by Trump, who called DeSantis a “RINO globalist” in February. RINO stands for Republican in Name Only. DeSantis hit back reminding Trump that he won his last election.

The Floridian is in Japan as part of a tour that includes visits to South Korea, the UK, and Israel.

The Republican Governor may be glad he is out of the country as Donald Trump takes his most commanding lead yet. The former President is trouncing DeSantis at the polls. A Morning Consult survey on April 25th put Trump 37% ahead. DeSantis remains in second place, but his support has dropped significantly. The same poll places him on only 21%.

Donald Trump hits out at DeSantis frequently and recently produced a calendar showing all the days he has been absent from Florida. The calendar shows DeSantis left Florida 22 times in two months.

Trump joined in the mockery of DeSantis on his Truth social media account. “The “Consultants” are sending DeSanctus, and demanding he go immediately, on an emergency Round the World tour of US representative population countries, like South Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Israel, in order to up his game and see if he can remove the stain from his failing campaign,” he wrote.

The war between the two accelerated when DeSantis labeled Russian President Vladimir Putin a war criminal. Trump said this was irresponsible and Russia needs to be treated with respect if there is any hope for peace in the region.

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