DeSantis Wants US to Rethink Alliance with Australia

( If you’ve seen any of the video footage coming out of New South Wales in Australia, you’ve probably wondered if the former penal colony has once again become an island prison. Australia’s response to the COVID pandemic reveals a level of tyrannical government that one ordinarily sees from fascistic dictatorships.

And last week, while speaking at the International Boat Builders’ Exhibition and Conference in Tampa, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized the Biden administration for its recently announced alliance with Australia, which he argued is no longer a free country.

DeSantis blasted Australia for going “dramatically off the rails” in its response to the virus, pointing out that a year and a half later, the Aussies are still enforcing lockdowns, and worse, using the military to do it.

“That’s not a free country,” DeSantis remarked. “It’s not a free country at all.”

Then DeSantis wondered aloud why the United States would maintain the same diplomatic relations with Australia when they’re embracing full-on tyranny, asking rhetorically whether or not Australia is freer than communist China at this point.

In September, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who was in the US for the United Nations general assembly, denied that his country has become an “authoritarian dystopia.” In an interview with CBS News, Morrison said that the reason Australia has greater severity of restrictions is because of “social differences.” Arguing that the US and Australia are “different societies,” Morrison said that while we may share similar beliefs and values, when it comes to public health, Australia is much more pragmatic.

“Pragmatic,” “Tyrannical” potato, potahto.

But there is nothing “pragmatic” about shooting anti-lockdown protesters with rubber bullets or beating them to a pulp or firing tear gas into a crowd.

The fact is, the current Administration doesn’t view itself as being that different from Australia. The Biden administration would love nothing more than to embrace the tyrannical lockdowns and disarming of citizens that Australia has embraced.

And sadly, too many American citizens would be totally on board with it if this administration followed Australia’s lead.

This is something Tucker Carlson pointed out on his show last week.

Watch Tucker’s monologue on Australia HERE.