Despite Allegations Of Making Women Feel Targeted, Biden Just Cornered Another Woman

( We like to bring you the important stories about what President Joe Biden and his administration are doing to the country, but we also think it’s important to report on Joe Biden’s objectively creepy behavior.
Recently during the Congressional Baseball Game, President Joe Biden was booed by the audience. He didn’t seem to hear it, or at least he managed to ignore it, but it was his behavior with unsuspecting women and children at the game that really raised some eyebrows.

As the crowd booed at the president, he could be seen looking straight into the eyes of a woman and smiling creepily. He is holding the bars of a fence right behind her and lurching towards the woman.

She is literally trapped and cannot move, and if she did move, she would have to literally grab the hands of the president of the United States and move him out of the way.

In what universe is this acceptable? And can you imagine the response if President Donald Trump did this?

Just take a look:

Other footage from the game showed a somewhat enthusiastic Democrat half of the crowd shouting “Build Back Better,” the creepy globalist slogan adopted by world governments in support of reinventing the national economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of the crowd, however, could be heard booing and shouting phrases like “Joe sucks!”

Most popular presidential candidate in history, huh?