Despite Polls, Pennsylvania Voters Think GOP Will Win “Secret Trump Voters” In November

( While polls continue to show presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden with a fairly substantial lead over President Donald Trump in key swing states like Pennsylvania, the residents of these states are saying something different.

A poll released by Monmouth University on Wednesday shows that a majority of voters in Pennsylvania believe that there are many “secret Trump voters” in their communities who will be mobilized in the November election.

The newest Monmouth poll shows that Joe Biden is leading the president quite significantly – by double digits, in fact – in the critical state. In 2016, President Donald Trump narrowly won the state despite almost every major poll showing that he would lose it by single-figure margins. Some polls said that Clinton had as much as a nine-point lead just a month before election day, but Trump proved them wrong.

The latest poll shows that Biden is leading by 53% to 40% among registered voters in their state. Some 3% of voters said that they would vote for a third-party candidate and others said they hadn’t decided yet. Independent voters appeared more likely to vote for Biden, too. Trump is losing independent voters 33% to Biden’s 54%. That is, if you believe those polls. Pennsylvanian voters don’t.

Some 57% of voters in Pennsylvania agreed with the idea that there are “a number of so-called secret voters in their communities who support Trump but won’t tell anyone about it.” Of those people, 25% said that they believed there are “many” secret voters who prefer Trump, and 17% said they thought there were just “a few.” The other 13% said that they weren’t sure how many there were.

On the topic of secret voters, though, only 27% of respondents said that they believe there are “secret Biden voters.”

This is indicative of a trend we saw in 2016. In the United Kingdom that year, polls consistently showed that the “Remain” side of the argument would win in the Brexit referendum, but the “Leave” side won. It was widely considered the result of the “silent majority” not telling pollsters how they really feel. If this is happening in Pennsylvania, Biden could be in for an upset in the same way Hillary Clinton was.

Monmouth explained that there is a “suspicion that a secret Trump vote exists” and that it is slightly higher in the swing counties.