DEVASTATING Anti-Biden Ad to Air with $2 MILLION Spend

( Now that the presidential election campaigns are stepping up a gear, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is going to have a rough time defending himself from a lifetime of gaffes coming back to haunt him. Not to mention the fact that he is showing clear cognitive decline and pretending he isn’t…

A new ad paid for by the Restoration PAC shows how Joe Biden has a long history of telling lies, fabricating stories about his resume and past, and generally not being honest to his constituents and supporters. The ad will air with a massive $2 million spend in Wisconsin, a key swing state where Biden has repeatedly been shown to be leading in the polls. The ad is part of a campaign to expose the candidate for the fraud he is, and when you see it, you’ll see just how damaging it could be.

The ad was produced by Rick Reed of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, and it looks at some of the biggest lies told by Biden about his resume. You can see it below. You have to watch this.

The footage shows Biden arguing with a supporter in 1987, where he claims to have a higher IQ than he does, before listing off a bunch of achievements. He says he went to law school on a full academic scholarship, that he was in the top half of his class, and that he graduated with not one degree, but three degrees.

It’s clearly a lie and anybody listening to it knows it’s a lie, but Biden thought he could get away with it.

He didn’t.

Restoration PAC shows in the video that he lied about the entire thing, showing classic news footage in which Biden’s claims were proven wrong and the politician was forced to admit he lied. Well, he sort of did – he claims his memory failed him. Which many would believe.

Biden has repeatedly forgotten the names of colleagues, stumbled through interviews getting confused about the topic he’s talking about, and has even been forced to use teleprompters during small press conferences. So sure, maybe his memory did fail him…

Let’s see how this one unfolds. Nobody likes a liar…