Disney Using American Influencers To Lure Clients To Its International Parks

(PatriotWise.com) — While Disney’s entertainment parks perform well within the United States, the entertainment giant’s international parks lack the same financial success, prompting the company to try new methods of attracting customers overseas.

To help its overseas parks’ performance, Disney has turned to American social media bloggers and influencers, whom the entertainment giant has invited to its Tokyo Disney location for a free preview weekend. The preview will allow social media influencers to see the Tokyo Disney Resort’s newest park expansions featuring content from hit movies like “Tangled” and “Frozen,” and will take place on June 6.

While Disney is primarily focused on encouraging Americans to travel to its Japan location, the push for social media influencers will also feature the entertainment giant’s China location. Disney had already used social media influencers to market its location in Hong Kong in 2023 when it hired several online content creators to tour the park’s newest expansions. Disney’s attempt to market its international locations is hardly surprising to people within the entertainment industry, as Disney’s international audience has never been as strong or prevalent as it is in the United States. According to some insiders, Disney’s goal is to have its international locations perform as well as its parks in California and Florida.

Disney also plans to create new video content about its international locations, which it will then share on the Internet and streaming services to encourage Americans to travel abroad. Disney started its content creation to increase international travel through the 2021 show “Behind the Attraction,” which featured interviews and footage from international parks with background information. While other entertainment companies have used social media influencers to market their business, Disney’s reliance on content creators likely stems from statistics about Americans traveling abroad.

According to Disney and other entertainment corporations based in the United States, Americans are more likely to visit familiar locations when traveling abroad, such as a McDonald’s or a Disney theme park. In response to this data, Disney has frequently posted about its international parks, with many commenters discussing their plans to visit them if they travel outside the United States. While the efficacy of Disney’s marketing strategy seems questionable to some business experts, the recent social media posts about Disney’s Tokyo location received far more attention than similar posts that weren’t marketed to American audiences, indicating Disney’s strategy is working.

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