Disney’s Biggest $1000 A Night Hotel Dubbed A Mistake

Writer Harry Kazianis and his wife stayed at Disney’s Grand Floridian Hotel in mid-August and according to Kazianis, it wasn’t worth the nearly $1,000 a night they paid for it.  

In a lengthy review at 19FortyFive.com, Kazianis lays out all the problems he and his wife encountered during their stay at the Grand Floridian. 

He includes quite a few photographs and videos documenting some of the more egregious issues with Disney’s flagship hotel, not the least of which was the small flying bugs they found throughout. 

Kazianis said the bugs were crawling everywhere, including in the halls, the common areas, and even on their food at the café. 

The hotel also had signs of “wear and tear” which Kazianis documents in photographs for his review.  

On top of that, the Wi-Fi provided to guests was “slow and unreliable.” 

To get to any of the Disney attractions, the Grand Floridian didn’t offer transportation just for hotel guests. Instead, you have to share a bus ride with guests from other hotels. 

Meanwhile, there was construction going on throughout the hotel that was very loud and often posed a hazard to hotel guests. 

Kazianis recommended people avoid the hotel while the construction was going on. 

You can read Kazianis’ full piece and view the photos and videos HERE.