DNC Calls On Celebs to Perform At DNC…Clearly Haven’t Learned from 2016

(FreedomJournal.org)- Remember how Hillary Clinton pulled in every single celebrity she could during her 2016 failed presidential run? It culminated in this awful “Fight Song” video in which pretty much every major celebrity you could think of sang along to some terrible song about being strong and fighting.

Well, it failed. It failed miserably. And now, the Democrats are back with a fresh attempt at winning people over with celebrity endorsements. The Democratic National Convention is set to feature performances from John Legend, Billie Eilish, and The Dixie Chicks.

Sorry, I mean, “The Chicks.” They changed their name because they thought it was racist. Yes, really.

On Friday, DNC organizers announced that celebrities Prince Royce, Stephen Stills, Maggie Rogers, Billy Porter, Jennifer Hudson, and Leon Bridges will also be performing at the event. It really makes you wonder whether the Democrats have anything other than the endorsement of people who make music up their sleeve. Did they forget that President Trump won in 2016 with virtually no celebrity support, but with a long list of extremely popular policies?

Just so you know what we should expect, take a look at the old Fight Song video from 2016. They thought this would win the election for them last time, and it didn’t. So I think we can safely presume that having a long list of celebrities performing at the DNC will have zero effect on the opinion of voters.

Isn’t it just…awful?

The Democratic National Convention is expected to take place in Milwaukee between August 17th and 20th. Unlike the Republicans, the Democrats seem to be going ahead with plenty of in-person events. The Republicans announced last month that the RNC would be made virtual instead, helping protect the community in Florida where the convention was expected to take place from a surge in the Chinese coronavirus. It looks like the Democrats haven’t extended the same courtesy to the people of Milwaukee.

Attendees of the event can look forward to being lectured by Senator Kamala Harris during her acceptance speech, in which she’ll likely parrot the same lies about President Trump she did in her first press conference since being the VP pick. During that speech, she told the press that the way Biden and Obama handled Ebola – a virus that can only be spread through bodily fluids – proves that Trump hasn’t handled COVID-19 very well.

Outside of Hillary in 2016, can you think of a Democrat that is more disingenuous than Harris?