Does Steve Bannon Have A Secret Backer?

( — Steve Bannon is the secret backer. The former strategist under President Trump is being called out in connection to alleged fraud by Chinese mogul Guo Wengui, according to Mother Jones. After three weeks since Yanping “Yvette” Wang was arrested for allegedly helping her boss conduct the $1 billion defrauding scheme, her defense attorneys are reportedly trying to post bond.

A judge set Wang’s bond at $5 million but has denied multiple people proposed to be cosigners, which her attorneys argue is unreasonable. One of those cosigners who offered to put up collateral was Steve Bannon. Prosecutors argue that Bannon cannot help Wang because he is involved in the scheme, despite no evidence suggesting that he knew anything about it and that the court documents do not name him in the case.

But federal agents have reportedly asked witnesses about Bannon’s work with Guo. Attorney Alex Lipman said that prosecutors have rejected Bannon because he is a “convicted felon,” so they denied his $2.5 million property to help Wang, who is being charged with executing Gou’s financial transactions that were part of the fraud scheme.

Bannon was sentenced to four months in prison last year for being in contempt of Congress’ January 6 Select Committee in connection with the alleged insurrection that Democrats argued was orchestrated by President Trump in order to overturn the 2020 election. His sentence, however, is temporarily halted while he appeals the decision.

He was also prosecuted for allegedly defrauding a charity whose mission was to “Build the Wall.” The charity reportedly raised more than $25 million and donors were promised that Brian Kolfage, one of the organizers, would not take a salary or any other compensation. But the indictment states that each one of them did receive funds from the charity for personal use.

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