DOJ Helps Trump By Blocking A Forced Deposition

( For once, the Biden administration has signified that it actually has former President Donald Trump’s back.
The Department of Justice under the Biden administration officially blocked a subpoena sent by Peter Strzok, which sought to depose the former president. Strzok has sued the Federal Bureau of Investigation for wrongful termination.
He was fired from his job after texts he sent that were anti-Trump came to light.
In August of 2019, Strzok filed a lawsuit in civil court against William Barr, who was serving as attorney general at the time. He also included the FBI in his suit, as well as its director, Chris Wray.
He claimed that he was wrongfully terminated back in 2018 after anti-Trump messages were sent via text to Lisa Page, a former lawyer for the FBI with whom Strzok was involved romantically.
Strzok was reported to have played a key role in the Crossfire Hurricane investigation that took place in 2016. He even interviewed Michael Flynn, the retired lieutenant general, in January of 2017.
In his suit, Strzok was seeking to depose Trump to answer questions on the matter in question. But Biden’s DOJ is fighting those efforts.
In defending Trump, the DOJ under Biden wrote:
“Because former President Trump did not remove Mr. Strzok and did not release the text messages at issue in this case, there is no need to probe the former President’s intentions. Even if former President Trump aspired to tarnish Mr. Strzok’s reputation and to induce his separation from the FBI, it would matter only if the decision maker shared or sought to further that aspiration.”
The document was filed on Monday by Brian Netter, the deputy assistant attorney general. In it, the DOJ argued the legal standard that applies to depositions for high-ranking officials in the federal government is only if the potential witness “has personal knowledge of relevant and necessary information that cannot be obtained elsewhere.”
In this case, the DOJ argued “no such circumstances are present.”
Lawyers for the DOJ even said it’s been “settled” that the ultimate decision to terminate Strzok’s employment with the FBI was made by David Bowdich, who was serving as the deputy director of the agency at the time. It wasn’t made by Trump.
As the attorneys for the DOJ wrote in their filing:
“Mr. Strzok is free to depose Mr. Bowdich and the other FBI officials who were involved in the removal decision. But, on the current record, Mr. Strzok offers nothing — no documents and no testimony — to support a finding that the former President possesses unique knowledge of relevant facts.”
This filing was certainly a welcome support from the Biden DOJ, after the current White House administration has repeatedly refused to support Trump. On a few occasions, President Joe Biden has refused to allow Trump to use executive privilege to prevent documents from being released to the House’s January 6 investigation committee, for example.
But, now, Biden is finally stepping to the plate and helping Trump — as he should.