Don Lemon Gets Embarrassing Job Offer

( — Rapper Rick Ross offered a job to fired CNN host Don Lemon. He owns a nationwide fast-food chain. The rapper mocked Lemon, saying, “Send Over Your Résumé.” He added that “for some reason” he believed the former news anchor would be able to help with his planned new product, lemon pepper wings.

Lemon was fired from CNN recently in a shock decision by the network. He had worked there for 17 years and went on record to state that he had no pre-warning. He had been assigned “formal training” following remarks he made about Republican Presidential candidate Nikki Haley, but still said he did not expect what came next.

The host provoked outrage when he said that Haley was past her prime. As part of her campaign, the GOP former Governor of South Carolina said that politicians over the age of 75 should be subject to testing to assess their mental competence. She also called for a new generation of leaders and implied that Capitol Hill’s current occupants are too old.

CNN’s Lemon responded by warning Haley that she too is past her prime. “Women are in their prime in their 20s and 30s,” he said.

The Republican hit back at Mr. Lemon at a campaign event in Bedford, New Hampshire. A member of the audience asked her if Lemon was fired because he was past his prime. The former Governor said, “Who’s in their prime now?” raising laughs from the crowd.

Lemon did not say much publicly immediately after his firing, but he has since broken his silence and said he has no regrets because he lives his life without regret. He plans to spend some time on the beach and reassess before making significant plans. He acknowledged that he is lucky to be in such a position and can now “chill out” before moving on to the next phase of his life.

CNN has not provided details about his departure.

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