Don Lemon Got So Busy Partying He Forgot To Do His Job On New Year’s Night

( – As he was broadcasting live from New Orleans, CNN anchor Don Lemon botched the countdown to the New Year, which delayed the audience’s holiday celebration.

Lemon, who was hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve celebration in New Orleans, was so preoccupied with dancing to Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up” that he missed the countdown. It wasn’t until the clock had already struck midnight that he started counting down the seconds until New Year’s.

“It is safe to say that CNN has redeemed itself by celebrating the new year in New Orleans with ‘Back That Azz Up’ rather than recognizing in any way that the clock had struck midnight.” — Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) The first of the year 2023

While people in the United States were already celebrating the passing of the midnight hour, an anchor on CNN gave the impression that she was telling viewers to “start the countdown.” After the first of the year had passed, he continued the celebration with the audience.

“And that’s how everything got started!” Lemon announced to an applauding crowd. At twelve in the morning, another voice can be heard asking, “are you ready for this countdown?”

According to Deadline, a number of people have hypothesized that Lemon had trouble hearing producers.

During the New Year’s Eve broadcast of the previous year, Lemon found himself having a conversation about “broke d**” with the comedian Dulce Sloan. She shared with him that her goal for the New Year was to stop dating “broke d**cks” to which Lemon’s initial reaction was one of bewilderment, followed by his spontaneous eruption of laughter.

Lemon, who is notorious for getting sloshed during CNN’s annual broadcast, found himself in a position where he needed to ask a follow-up question: “Did you say broke d**k?”

“Yes!” Sloan said, and then added, “To anyone who is acquiring male genitalia, it needs to be attached to someone who can also fly you to the Caribbean.”

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