Donald Trump Called Lawyers On January 6th, New Report Suggests

( The ultra-partisan House Select Committee that claims to be investigating the origins of the “insurrection” in Washington, D.C., seems to think that their recent discovery of how former President Donald Trump spoke to his lawyers on January 6 is some kind of smoking gun.

The committee said on Tuesday that it had issued letters to six witnesses demanding their testimony and a number of documents to understand their roles in the former president’s efforts to ensure election integrity. Though, they called it an attempt to “overturn the election.”

Among those witnesses was Kurt Olsen, an attorney who worked to stop Joe Biden from being inaugurated president in January, 2021, citing concerns about well-documented fraud and misconduct in the election. In the letter to Olsen, it was revealed how he had “multiple telephone calls’ with Trump on January 6 after he had previously provided legal advice on what can be done to stop the wrong candidate from being inaugurated.

The letter claims that Olsen contacted a number of high-level officials within the Justice Department, under the direction of then-President Trump, to implement a last-minute challenge to the election results to the Supreme Court.

Nothing illegal took place, and yet for some reason, this became a huge news story.

Newsweek wrote, “Donald Trump Had Several Calls With Lawyer on Jan. 6, Committee Says.”


So what?

Trump was allowed to speak to his lawyers, and it doesn’t matter what time or on what date he spoke to his lawyers.

It doesn’t change the fact that Trump never endorsed violence and specifically told violent rioters to go home on January 6.

The House Committee still has absolutely nothing to prove that Trump incited an “insurrection.”