Donald Trump Could Seriously Become House Speaker, Report Suggests

( Remember the talk earlier this year about the possibility of former President Donald Trump becoming the next Speaker of the House of Representatives?

Well, even though the former president has publicly dismissed the idea, it seems as though some people think it might really happen.

This month, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz revived the rumors and suggested that he and a number of his colleagues in the America First wing of the Republican Party will push for the former president to become the next Speaker if the Republicans take back control of the House in next year’s midterm elections.

In order for Trump to become the next Speaker he would not technically need to run for office himself. While some speculated that he may run for office in an easily winnable Florida district next year, if the plan were to really come to fruition, Trump does not need to be elected. Under the United States Constitution, the Speaker need only be chosen by elected representatives.

During a recent press conference, Gaetz was asked by a reporter if he would like to see the former president become the next speaker in the event of a Republican majority.

“I would,” he responded, before telling the reporter that he has spoken about it with Trump but would prefer to keep his conversations with the former president private.

Take a look for yourself:

He indicated the same thing back in July during a Save America rally. See:

We’ll soon see whether the rumors are true, but a report from the New Republic by Matt Ford seems to suggest that there is a very real possibility.

“What sounds like a zany idea dreamt up in an opium den could have dire repercussions for the future of our democracy,” Ford said.

But…would it?

At the beginning of every Congress, members simply elect the speaker through a majority vote. For the last 231 years, that vote has been decided along party lines. So if the Republicans win the House, they’ll almost certainly choose a Republican speaker.

And, given the fact that there is nothing in the United States Constitution that says a speaker must be elected, it could easily happen and would not have any “dire” implications for American democracy.

It would be absolutely hilarious though, wouldn’t it?