Donald Trump Is Worried Feds Are Wiretapping Him

( It was reported last week that the FBI searched former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home after receiving a tip from someone very close to Trump.

For some reason, Rolling Stone decided to accuse the former president of being “paranoid” for wanting to root out any rats in his midst.

In a report by Asawin Suebsaeng, who probably doesn’t have any inside information, throughout the summer, Trump has been asking his closest associates if they think the feds might be monitoring his communications.

Suebsaeng quotes an unnamed anonymous source “close to Trump” who claims Trump asked if their phones were tapped. The “source” told Rolling Stone that, given all the investigations launched against the former President, Trump isn’t willing to rule anything out.

Can you blame him?

That doesn’t make Trump “paranoid;” it makes him smart.

The FBI obtained FISA warrants through falsified information to spy on Trump associates before. Who’s to say they wouldn’t try it again, especially considering that nobody faced any legal punishment for it?

With the news that the FBI source was someone close to Trump, Suebsaeng writes that “the upper crust of MAGAland” have been wildly speculating on who that source could be.

Again, can you blame them?

Early on in the Trump presidency, James Comey admitted and defended the use of confidential human sources within the Trump campaign.

How is it “paranoia” to want to root out these people and get rid of them?

An unnamed “Trump advisor” told Rolling Stone that Trump’s people have been asked to relay their suspicions on who the snitch might be to Trump. But this unnamed “advisor” also claimed that some might be using the hunt for the snitch as a way to get rid of people they don’t like.