Donald Trump Plots Great American Comeback After Being Censored By The Establishment Mob

( A random quote by former Trump campaign advisor Brad Parscale featured in a new book is causing hyperventilating panic in the media and ginning up fears of some grand conspiracy by Trump supporters to overthrow Biden and reinstall Trump.

In the book “Peril” by Trump-haters Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, Parscale is quoted saying that Trump “had an army. An army for Trump. He wants that back.” Parscale is also quoted as saying that if Trump runs in 2024, he doesn’t see it as a comeback; “he sees it as vengeance.”

In their brief, panicky piece about what Woodward and Costa claim Parscale said, the UK Sun prattles on about the January 6 “insurrection,” the QAnon conspiracy that Trump would be reinstated in August, Mike Lindell “bizarrely” claiming that the Supreme Court would reinstate Trump on August 13, and, of course, the DHS issuing a warning about “MAGA supporter violence if Trump was not returned to the White House.”

Apparently the UK Sun believes all those things are what that brief quote from Parscale was signaling.

They closed their silly piece reminding their readers that Biden defeated Trump, and by disputing the “baseless narratives” that “suggested the vote was rigged” against Trump.

Parscale, after he was removed as campaign manager in July 2020, left the Trump campaign entirely in September of last year. To believe he has an inside line to Trump’s thinking post-election is silly. If anything Parscale simply gave Woodward and Costa his personal opinion.

But that isn’t stopping the media from ginning up panic and further advancing the narrative that Trump supporters are conspiracy theorists who believe nonsensical scenarios like Trump getting reinstated as President while simultaneously using Parscale’s quotes to paint Trump as an unstable monster looking for vengeance.

Though it’s safe to say that both Bob Woodward and Robert Costa are delighted that this was the outcome.