Donald Trump Reaches Out To Families Of Service Members Who Died In Afghanistan Under Biden

( Former President Donald Trump is acting in a more presidential way than President Joe Biden, reaching out to the families of fallen service members who died in the suicide bombings outside of Kabul’s international airport. After reports revealed how President Joe Biden disrespected families who criticized him face-to-face over his horrific handling of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, former President Trump went out of his way to console those families.

On Wednesday, a Trump advisor told the press that the former president had been making phone calls to grieving families. The source also said that Trump was planning on attending the funeral of one of the marines in Manhattan, New York.

President Joe Biden has been largely condemned by military families after ordering troops to withdraw from Afghanistan before evacuating all American citizens safely first. The president then sent American troops back to Afghanistan where they manned the international airport in Kabul to help Americans make safe passage and board planes. It was outside of that airport, at the main gate, that 13 American troops were killed.

The mother of one of those troops, Kareem Nikoui, invited former President Trump to attend her son’s funeral in a post on Facebook. She described Trump as the “real” president and said that it would be an honor if he would attend.

Is there a single military family going out of their way to invite President Biden?

The funeral is expected to take place on September 18, and former President Trump has publicly acknowledged the invite – however he has not yet confirmed whether or not he will attend.

It seems fairly likely that the former president will be there, but we may not know until the day. It must be a security nightmare for everybody involved…