Donald Trump Says If He Doesn’t Run, His Base Will Be Very Angry

( Former President Donald Trump hasn’t yet confirmed whether or not he plans to run in 2024, but he has repeatedly made suggestions that he will, and that the main reason he isn’t announcing yet is that an official presidential campaign announcement would trigger new campaign finance laws that would restrict the way he spends money from his Save America PAC.

And, in a recent interview, Trump indicated once again that he plans to run for the White House in 2024 by saying that his base would be “very angry” if he didn’t.

Trump made the comments in conversation with radio host Hugh Hewitt, during which he asked which candidate the Republican Party would be likely to support if he chooses not to run in 2024.

The former president didn’t answer the question directly but said that if he does decide not to, his base wouldn’t be best pleased with him.

He refused to offer his thoughts on who he thinks might be a good candidate if he chooses not to run, which is yet another indication that he’s likely to throw his hat in the ring.

Hewitt pushed once more, this time mentioning Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, populist Senator for Arkansas Tom Cotton, and even former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – but Trump once again refused to answer and said that he would be able to comment “about one year from now.”

You know what that means?

By the time that the 2022 midterm elections are over, we’ll probably be hearing from President Trump about his next run for the White House.