Donald Trump Says It Looks Like A Lot Of Fraud Being Found In Audits

( President Donald Trump went on the record with Steve Cortez on Newsmax TV on Tuesday, discussing evidence of fraud and misconduct in the last presidential election, and the audit currently taking place in Arizona.

Trump praised the work of Arizona Republican senators who have helped facilitate the biggest forensic audit of an election in American history. He referenced the 2.1 million votes being counted in the biggest county in Arizona, Maricopa County, and that preliminary letters and evidence suggest that they are already finding large amounts of fraud.

“I think, based on preliminary letters written by Karen Fann, who’s incredible, who’s the head of the senate, based on some of these letters it looks like, I’m not involved, it looks like they’re finding tremendous fraud,” he said.

Trump revealed that we will learn the results of the forensic audit, which uses advanced analytic methods to examine patterns in voting and to determine if fraudulent votes were cast in bulk, in roughly four weeks.

The former president said that it’s a “big operation” run by “great American patriots” and that other state senators and senators are looking at implementing a similar audit because their states experienced similar misconduct and fraud.

The Arizona audit has been regularly attacked and mocked by the press, with some left-wing outlets even claiming that the third-party auditors have pushed “conspiracy theories” about election fraud.

But if the independent audit proves that fraud did occur, do you think those media outlets will retract their claims that it is a “conspiracy theory”?

If the Arizona audit reveals fraud, Democrats may just ignore it as they ignored the evidence presented in various evidentiary hearings late last year.