Donald Trump “Tipping Point” Reported By Allies

( — Allies of former President Trump say that an indictment by the Manhattan District Attorney will help him win the Presidency in 2024. Jenna Ellis, who worked in Trump’s 2020 campaign, said, “American people are so outraged at how law enforcement and the institutions of America are being weaponized against conservatives and Republicans, especially Donald Trump and his allies.” Twitter owner Elon Musk has made the same prediction and said Trump will win with a landslide if he is indicted.

The issue could be helpful to Trump and the Republicans who have long argued that Democrats are weaponizing federal agencies against their opponents. They contend this is a prime example. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said any indictment would be politically motivated but disagreed with Trump’s call for protest. Police across the country have been put on alert and much of the media is predicting violence, or a repeat of the events of January 6th, 2021 should the former President be arrested.

Republicans in the House have largely agreed that the potential arrest is politically motivated, but some have calmed for calm and for protest plans to be abandoned. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, an outspoken Trump ally, has echoed calls by McCarthy and urged people to stay home. Senator Lindsay Graham told Fox News the arrest would “blow up” the country and that Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan DA at the center of the case, is under immense political pressure to bring charges against the billionaire.

The case surrounds a payment made by Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen. The payment of $130,000 was to adult movie actress Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about an alleged affair with Donald Trump. Cohen said he is now prepared to testify against his old boss.

If he is indicted, it will be the first time a former President has faced criminal charges. Democrats have said they are worried about the potential backlash and of a breakdown of law and order should the prosecution proceed.

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