Donald Trump Was Underestimated In Polls From 2020, Research Confirms

( A study from the American Association for Public Opinion Research just revealed that support for President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election was suppressed and support for the Democrats was totally overstated “across the board.”

It’s no surprise that a significant number of Americans don’t believe that President Joe Biden actually won the election…

The study, which was also performed in the wake of the 2016 presidential election, showed that President Trump gained significantly more support than the polls indicated.

Speaking to The Washington Post, Vanderbilt University professor Josh Clinton described a “systematic error” in relation to the massive overstatement of the support for Democrats all over the country. He said that it didn’t matter what kind of poll was being performed, whether it was online or on the phone, or what race the people answering the polls were, President Trump had a huge amount of support.

The study also found that the polls were more accurate in predicting support for then-candidate Joe Biden against then-President Trump in the last election than for Democrats in state elections. Generally, support for Biden in the opinion polls was around one percentage point than the actual vote he received.

Specifically, the data showed that the polls overstated the support Biden gained in whiter and more rural neighborhoods. And, according to the research company, a possible reason for the error is that there were too few Trump supporters engaging with pollsters.

In other words…Biden’s support was totally over-egged, and if it was done on perhaps, then perhaps to give the illusion that Republicans needn’t bother to turn out and vote. The media and the polls said it was a done deal.

Clinton said that it’s possible that if Trump is not on the ticket in the future then the problem might resolve itself, but perhaps that’s wishful thinking. With far-left Democrats making it more dangerous than ever for people to admit that they are Republican, it seems unlikely that conservatives are going to admit who they vote for to a stranger over the phone any time soon…