Donald Trump Week Declared In Florida

( The Democrats and the left-wing press might want you to think that former President Donald Trump is the least popular president in history, but that’s not the case…and certainly not in Florida!

The first week of February was just declared the “Donald J Trump Week” in a small city in the Republican state. Frostproof is now all set to celebrate the week every single year, following a declaration by city Mayor Jon Albert.

Supporters of the decision are also reportedly hoping that the decision might be replicated by other cities across the state.

State Representative Anthony Sabatini said on February 4 that he is “proud to play a role in making this happen,” retweeting a Fox News report about the declaration.

Mayor Jon Albert’s proclamation announcing the new rule described how President Donald Trump won 76% of the vote in the city of Frostproof in November, and praised his many accomplishments during his first term in office.

The Ledger wrote that the decision has drawn criticism from residents of the city, as well as Black residents across the county – though, the outlet chose not to describe them as left-wing or Democrats…which would obviously explain why they opposed the decision.

Merissa Green, a former reporter for the Ledger, claimed that the decision “sends a message that Black History Month isn’t important.”

Al Lewis, a Lakeland resident who said she has family ties to Frostproof, told the outlet that she says it is offensive because “Frostproof was built on the labor and backs of African American people.”

“How dare you take Black History Month to honor a racist bigot such as Donald Trump,” Lewis said.

Despite the attacks, however, President Donald Trump won more support from Black Americans than any other Republican presidential candidate in recent history.