Donald Trump Wins Court Victory Blocking January 6th Witch Hunt

( Former President Donald Trump scored a legal victory on Thursday after a federal appeals court blocked the release of his White House records to the far-left ultra-partisan House committee that claims to be investigating the origins of the January 6 Washington, D.C. riot.

A panel of three judges for the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia granted former President Trump’s emergency motion for an injunction that stopped the National Archives from releasing the records on Friday at 6pm. Democrats are desperate to get hold of the records so that they can pour through it and find absolutely anything that they think may even loosely support their false claims that Trump incited a violent insurrection or riot.

The court then scheduled arguments for the case to take place on November 30. The injunction is only temporary, therefore, and the former president’s lawyer will need to argue his case to three Democrat-appointed judges.

So this is a victory for now, but nobody knows how these left-leaning judges will respond to the arguments in the suit.

Call logs and draft speeches and notes are requested among the documents the committee is trying to receive as part of its “probe” into the January 6 protests.

Former President Donald Trump sued the committee and the D.C. National Archives in federal court on October 18 after President Joe Biden waived executive privilege on the records – a clear partisan move designed to punish former President Donald Trump for standing up to the establishment.

However, Trump says that as a former president, h has the right to executive privilege the same as any other former president.

If they rule against Trump on this, it sets a dangerous precedent…and it could come back to hurt President Joe Biden if Trump wins another term in 2024.