Dr. Fauci Says Personal Liberty Needs To Be Sacrificed For The Greater Good

(PatriotWise.com)- The unelected lifetime bureaucrat Dr. Anthony Fauci can’t stop telling freedom-loving Americans that their freedom means nothing.

Sure, America was founded on individual liberty. But apparently Dr. Fauci wants to add a big old asterisk next to it.

After delivering a lecture via live stream at Montreal’s McGill University, Fauci took some time to answer questions. During the Q&A, CBC host Nahlah Ayed, the emcee of the lecture, asked how Fauci approaches “the value of individual freedom within the context of this global pandemic.”

And because Fauci is a jerk, he prefaced his remarks by complaining that, no matter what he says, a little snippet of it will be “taken out of context” and show up on Fox News or Breitbart. Yeah, you’re such a victim, you jerk.

Then he patted himself on the back for being a brave truth-teller. Because of course he did.

Fauci went on, explaining to Ayed that it is important to find a “trusted messenger” to tell those dummies who believe in individual freedom how important it is for themselves and the people they love that they get vaccinated.

Then he got to the nub of the matter – that pesky belief in individual freedom and freedom of choice.

Fauci believes that in a pandemic “that’s killing millions of people” these naughty freedom-lovers need to be told that you have to give up your right to make your own decisions “for the greater good of society.”

How about no.

But why ask Dr. Anthony Fauci this question at all? He is a government bureaucrat, not a constitutional scholar.

If elected officials don’t have the authority to infringe on our rights, then this lifetime bureaucrat nobody elected to anything doesn’t either.

The sad fact is, this isn’t even the first time Fauci has peddled this line. He’s been doing it for months.

In November of last year Fauci argued that Americans might have an independent spirit, but now is the time to do what you’re told.

In August, Fauci appeared on Morning Joe to dismiss Individual Liberty in order to advocate for government mandates.

But Fauci isn’t alone in this. Last month, during his “Target the Unvaccinated” speech Joe Biden sang from the same exact same hymnal: