Dr. Fauci Video Deposition Released Publicly

(PatriotWise.com) — The deposition of Dr. Anthony Fauci taken in a federal lawsuit surrounding the censorship of information about the global pandemic has been published by the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA). The case was State of Missouri v. Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Fauci’s testimony included 174 instances of “I do not recall” and 212 instances of “I don’t remember.”

The NCLA claims his testimony that the virus had natural origins, and was not deliberately manufactured, is contrary to his previous declarations. “His deposition testimony — that he genuinely believed COVID had natural origins — conflicts with emails he exchanged with scientists in early 2020, indicating that he believed the lab leak hypothesis could be accurate,” the group said.

US Right to Know, an organization campaigning for transparency in public health matters, has published a detailed account of Dr. Fauci’s position on the origin of the virus. The group says that a meeting was organized in February 2020 between five of the country’s top virologists. After a couple of days of consulting, the virologists said it was not feasible that the virus had been engineered. However, it later transpired that all five had shared private concerns about the Wuhan lab and its safety processes – including how it stored viruses – that conflicted with their public statement. There had also been undisclosed conflicts of interest involved.

Elvis Chan, an FBI agent, said in his deposition that the federal agency worked with Big Tech, including Twitter, to sway public opinion away from the theory that the virus had been created in a lab in China.

The lawyer representing NCLA said the depositions confirmed that dozens of members of the federal government knowingly orchestrated a campaign to shut down public debate on the origins of the virus. The attorney went on to claim that the government had lied to the public about several aspects of the pandemic, including the efficacy of masks and whether vaccines prevented transmission of the disease.

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